My Experience

I discovered creative visualization in 1978 when I purchased the very first edition of Shakti Gawain's book, the book that started a manifestation revolution. I still have that book, now well worn. It takes pride of place in my inspirational library.

I have used creative visualization consistently since first buying that book, but it didn't always work as effectively as I would have wished. Lisa Nichols showed me why, and revealed the secret that sets the process on fire. My partner and I are both Lisa Nichols fans. We have her complete program and use it regularly to inspire us in our personal growth program.

Lisa is an inspirational speaker who will open your heart and show you what you need to do to attain your deepest desires and become the kind of person you know you were meant to be. Watch the free webinar and you'll see what I mean.

Rex Bunn - Mind Designer Founder

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Lisa Nichols' Creative Visualization is published by Mind Valley
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