My Experience

I was fortunate to participate in one of the first Silva Mind Control courses ever to be conducted in Australia.

My 14 year old son and I enrolled in the weekend course in Sydney in 1981. Some amazing things happened during that weekend. We discovered that everyone has clairvoyance, and that it can be developed and enhanced by regular practice.

We also learned to use a variety of mind control techniques for everyday use, like programming yourself to wake up at a particular time without an alarm clock, or a simple cure for insomnia, or a way to instruct the subconscious mind to solve problems while you sleep. We learned how to create our own mental laboratory or conference room, where we could consult with experts in any field of our choosing.

When the weekend was over, we had a toolchest of techniques to enhance control over just about every aspect of daily life. I still use these techniques regularly. As you will discover, the Silva system is like having your computer memory and central processor upgraded; everything works faster and more efficiently. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to be effective and successful in life.

Rex Bunn - Mind Designer Founder

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